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Together we shape the future

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Empowering Ι Connecting Ι Transforming Ι Realizing Dream

Glokel, built upon multinational spirits with eclectic mix of experiences, inspires empowering and patronizing infinite potentials of human by envisioning big & collaborating to create better living full of vibrant energy & happiness through its venture activities.

With decades of cumulative experience & ingenuity, our efforts are devoted to contribute and lead the industry towards an inspiring tomorrow


Since our foundation, the driving forces of our growth have been “potential”, “challenge” & “ingenuity”. This spirit remains strong within us. It is reflected in all our dealings with people internally and externally, our attitude to our work, and the dedication with which we respond to society. It lies at the heart of our professional attitudes of responsibility and pride, and our indomitable will to succeed.

As a corporation, Glokel visions to incorporate in ventures which support social infrastructure, drive industrial development, and contribute to richer, safer living and a prospering society with the utilization of limitless human potentials.

The world is facing global issues such as natural disasters and increasing demands on the environment and resources. The Internet of Things is changing the way we live, making our world wider and more digital. Our world is entering to an era of change, and so must we. We will create results that go beyond expectations. Our keen foresight, our cherished relationships, and our ability to change, we can do this because we believe in cooperation based on diversity that goes beyond countries and cultures and the framework of our own organization. And we can do this through our global collective wisdom that fuses together new technology and new ideas. Looking ahead, going beyond limit inspiring You.

Glokel visions to create a tomorrow

full of inspiring energy by


Empowering and patronizing people’s potentials


Transforming millions of lives and making a positive impact over the society

Being Admired

Being loved and admired by customers and respected by partners

Realizing Dreams

Adding Fourth dimension to be brave and limitless in realizing dreams

Our Values

We are accountable to the stakeholders to bring things simple with potentials to grow through courage to hard work in collaboration to the process of thinking big.


We believe we must work with honesty, trust and the innate desire to do good.


We always strive to change the status quo. We innovate with new ideas and energize with a strong passion and entrepreneurial spirit


We drive to make things simpler and easier for our customer



We are ever willing to learn and adapt to the environment, our partners and the customers’ evolving needs


We are driven by the desire to create a meaningful difference in society



We respect the opinions and decisions of others. We encourage and back people to do their best

In our Ecosystem, we collaborate with the largest Partner, Integrator and Developer Community on our Open Platform to deliver operational efficiency. We believe that great people and partners make GLOKEL a great company and that our commitment to Innovation, Diversity and Sustainability ensures that Life Is easier, happier and fulfilling through limitless potentials,

inspiring you